Decorating A Livingroom On A Budget

One of the simplest and most important rooms to decorate in your house is the living room, this is the room where all your friends and family will congregate and hang out, whether you are having a movie night or just a good catch up and therefore it is important that it looks like a room you want to be in. Of course we would all love to live in a fabulously designed home but the biggest problem with that is often we are living on a tight budget. Fortunately there are some pretty straightforward and cheap ways to jazz up your living room for those of us on a budget.

Lighting is an integral way in creating a mood and complimenting your living room’s style. It is perhaps most commonly used now as a decorative tool over a more functional purpose. They are a way in which you can illuminate specific areas or not have to simply rely upon ceiling lighting and also a way to bring symmetry to a room when in a similar style to the bedside table and other accessories.

Focal Points
The television is the undoubted centre of most of our living rooms even if you wish it wasn’t, as a result it should be a pretty big consideration to take into account when you are redesigning the room. Do you want the TV to be the focal point that everything (seating etc.) is designed around or would you rather the couches faced each other to create a more social environment?

There are intelligent ways to store and hide your TV when not in use and you might want to consider these when decorating, alternatively you can show your TV off by mounting it on a wall.

We all know that a fresh bit of paint is a great and cheap way to liven up a living room. There are plenty of styles and painting tricks that can bring out the best of your living room and help show your own personal tastes.

Opting for a neutral colour palette means that you are able to change the style of the room pretty frequently when the mood takes you. All you have to do is introduce new colours and textures from cushions to throws. Try to stick to a maximum of three colour tones otherwise you risk overwhelming the room, but don’t be afraid to include patterns and mix and match them too.

As we mentioned above with cushions and throws, accessories play a very important role in the look and feel of a livingroom. They are additional furnishings that should be used to compliment the main furniture in the room as well as the walls and floor. Accessories are a cheap way to add character and a warm feel to a room, consider introducing candles, vases and some plants for a natural and healthy atmosphere. Remember to stick to the three colour rule outlined earlier with accessories to otherwise things can begin to look messy.