My Daughter Really Took to Clay Shooting

I wasn’t sure my daughter would enjoy clay pigeon shooting. My wife certainly expressed some measure of alarm that I would even consider taking our child to the shooting club so that she could learn how to use firearms. The funny thing about is that my sister pushed to have our daughter go to the club because she’s an extraordinarily excellent clay pigeon shooter and she wanted to teach her niece how to do it. My father took my sister to the club more than he took me because of her obvious skills. She’s known in the area for her ability in the sport.

After my wife grudgingly agreed to allow our daughter to shoot, she also insisted on going along just to make sure everything played out as safely as possible. So all four of us went down to the club and milled around in the gun room looking at all the firearms and talking to other members of the club. You had very elderly members absolutely ecstatic that a young girl was about to learn how to shoot. That’s the thing about the club: age and gender doesn’t matter a whit to anyone because it’s all about the sport.

We first needed an adequate gun for our daughter, and the employees of the club did a marvelous job helping us to pick out a weapon that she could manage at her age and size. Then we went through a class about firearm safety and how to load and use the weapon in a responsible manner. By the time we got to the range, my wife wanted to take part in the festivities! So back we went for another gun and pretty soon all of us were shooting and having a grand old time. That’s the thing about clay pigeon shooting: everyone ends up loving it!