Our Neighborhood Cooperative CCTV System

Our local area is just some older cottages that have all been refurbished. Most of the people on our lane are retired. We play a lot of golf and have some of the fruits of many years of labor. This has made us a target for thieves looking to steel things such as caravans, motorcycles and various watercraft. The bold thieves will pull up with a lorry and attach a boat trailer and drive off. Now all of us on the lane have CCTV kits installed at our homes. There is a proliferation of cameras that have been working quite well to deter thieves. We put up signs warning of the cameras in use. Plus, a security expert advised us how to set up hidden cameras too.

We all purchased our CCTV kits from the same place. The cameras are small, unobtrusive and they blend in with the decor of each of our cottage homes. Some of us live here year round while others are using the cottages as summer homes. We are on the shore, so their is a lot of water activities in the summer that brings plenty of tourists. The miscreants try to blend in with the increased tourist traffic. There are many times that motorists that mean no harm will turn around in our driveways when they get lost on their way to the beach or boat ramps. However, there is the occasional shady character out there that we know is casing the homes to see what there is of value to steal.

Our CCTV kits catch it all. If my cameras do not get an identifying look, one of the neighbor’s cameras will. We share our login info to be able to check the outdoor surveillance footage from any camera set up at any cottage on our lane. This helps the neighbors that stay year round to keep a better eye on things too.