Walking the Mediterranean Coasts of Spain

If you are considering taking walking holidays in Spain, you are in luck- for there are several very famous trails and areas that are designed for walking. The Santiago de Compestela pilgrimage that starts in Southern France and ends in the city in Northwest Spain is one example of a walk that can change your life for having experienced it.

At the same time, the Mediterranean coasts have some of the best scenery in Europe. Here are some of the best walking holidays in Spain on the coast.


Whether you arrive by plane or train, getting a hotel room near the Ramblas is usually a good idea because you can spend hours wandering through open market after open market all the way down to the seashore where their is a park and an open public space. If you prefer to walk to the sites that you will visit, it is easy to reach the Picasso museum from here. A very extended hike will take you to Gaudi’s cathedral.


With a Circus Maximus, the college that Augustus Caesar studied at and a long beach that is always fairly empty, Tarragona is a vibrant small city that invites you to walk miles through its uptowns and downtowns. Day hikes in the countryside include a trip to the Roman aqueduct that supplied this region, a great piece of engineering, and a trip to the fortress at Lleida, where you can juxtapose the culture of a geographically similar, yet distinct group of people.


If you are looking for the location of the Holy Grail, Valencia is one of the places in Europe that actually has it. It is located at the Cathedral near the city center. A several kilometer walk from there will take you to the most popular beaches. The beaches in Valencia are incredibly large and usually a little warm on the toes, so bring some good walking shoes. Touring downtown on foot should take you the better part of a day, while following the seasoned can involve hours of enjoyment.


On the South coast of spain, Sevilla was once a favorite city of the Hapsburg emperors and fueled a lot of growth in the Americas from its nearby ports. The population is used to spending time outdoors until late at night chatting or eating in cafes. So if you want to go out into the countryside and hike your way through Sherry country, you should. On the other hand, you can get just as much exercise by staying in the city and walking around to enjoy the entertainment each night.

Spanish walking holidays can involve pilgrimages, town festivals, castles, beaches, mountains and beautiful extremes. If you plan to find a base from which to organize your hikes or walks while you are in each region or city, you will probably have more time to enjoy yourself once you get there.