What You Need To Know About Wooden Flooring

When you picture your ideal home and it is pretty hard not to imagine it having wooden flooring. Not only does this flooring option offer you practicality and durability but it also offers a lot in the style stakes too. Wooden flooring is ideal for creating a warm minimalism and additional style points through the texture and natural colour you choose.

There are also a great number of flooring options available and one of the most affordable and popular has been laminate. Something people tend to forget is that as well as laminates being a pretty cheap flooring option, it is also an attractive flooring option! Laminate offers flooring that is basically a thin layer of an applique covered by several layers of protective material. What this means is that it is capable of being made to look like other materials, giving you cheaper alternatives to the real thing.

We can’t stress enough the durability and staying power of wooden floors, for instance although laminate is relatively cheap it has several protective layers that make it incredibly versatile and able to withstand the majority of damage done to it. Compare a red wine spill on wooden flooring to that of carpet and you can see how little of an issue it is with wooden flooring, but if you were to spill it on carpet then it’s pretty much game over for it.

Of course choosing the right wood for your home and tastes can be difficult as each of them have their own individual qualities. You must take into account natural colour and grain and whether these might develop over time. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to a perfect wooden floor.

If you are after a rustic look then look no further than unfinished and worn woods. They add immediate character to a room. This type of wood can be used to not only create a traditional chalet style effect but also a modern one that looks great when you go minimal with furniture and let the floor do the talking.

When it comes to creating a traditional home then look no further than the classic oak! Oak it renowned for its timelessness and works just as well in a modern environment as it does in a traditional one.

Looking for a wood that compliments a contemporary style? Look no further than ash wood. It is a material that can create an incredibly striking look, especially when teamed with other natural materials such as glass and concrete.

If you are looking for a wood to counteract the coldness of kitchen and bathroom units then a richer looking wood such as oak can be a great way to offset the generic and clinical feel of a lot of modern designs.

The minimalist style works on keeping interiors light and what better way to do this than to add a pale, soft wood. Once again ash is a great wood for these types of environment as it wears well and has a lighter colour that will reflect what natural light there is.